Things to do in Chinchilla

Make the most of your stay at Kings Park Accommodation and see the top things to do in Chinchilla. Experience the great outdoors like never before in QLD’s Western Downs region.

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About Chinchilla

Chinchilla is located in Queensland’s Western Downs region, approximately 300 kilometres northwest of Brisbane. As of 2013, there were about 7,500 people who called Chinchilla home, as well as many varieties of wild birds and native plant life.

The area is the traditional land of the Barunggam people and was settled by colonists who recorded a pastoral lease with the New South Wales Lands Office in 1848. The town itself was founded in the 1870s when the western railway line was extended to the Charlie’s Creek tributary of the Condamine River.

More of the history of Chinchilla can be discovered at the Chinchilla History Museum – be sure to visit while you’re in town!

Known as the nation’s watermelon capital, this region boasts 25% of Australia’s watermelon crop. Every two years (on the odd-numbered years), the watermelon festival takes over Chinchilla, bringing together locals and visitors from all walks of life to celebrate with traditional activities. Melon-growing competitions, craft markets, novelty events, carnival rides and a street parade all feature in this festive time for the town – when it comes to things to do in Chinchilla, this should be at the top of your list.

Chinchilla combines all the best features of the countryside with all the conveniences of home.

Keeping Fit When Travelling

It is so important to keep up the fitness routine when you travel. This is why Kings Park Accommodation has teamed up with Max Fitness - Chinchilla's first-class gym to offer all our guests daily gym passes so they can sweat it out during a class, test their strength in the weights room or use the stretch room area to release any tension.

Max Fitness holds over 150 classes per week, and has three personal trainers on the floor helping members in the free weights area and offering personal training sessions. Ask our friendly reception staff about getting your passes.

Industry and CSG in Chinchilla

Watermelon isn’t the only trade known to this town, with the wool, grain, forestry and horticultural industries having left their mark over the town’s history. Now, with the demand for renewable energy being heard around the country, Chinchilla is at the epicentre of Australia's east coast coal-seam-gas (CSG) boom. This growing industry has revitalised the town’s retail and infrastructure, growing the population by 60% and creating an up-turn across most other industries and business in the town and broader region. 

Travelling to Chinchilla

Chinchilla is situated right on the Warrego Highway, which connects Brisbane to Charleville. Wondai Road runs into the town from northeast, and people coming from Tara can use the Chinchilla-Tara Road. From Brisbane, Chinchilla is approximately a 3-and-a-half hours’ drive.

There’s more than one way to get here, though. Chinchilla is easily accessible from Toowoomba and Roma via the railway, or you can take the bus. Both of these options mean you can sit back, relax and enjoy the countryside as you travel.

Take a short drive south back along Chinchilla-Tara Road and you will find the Condamine Riverfront, where you can enjoy the expansive landscape of this quaint town. Some of the best attractions in Chinchilla can be found around the fishing and water sports hotspots between the Riverfront and the further south Archer’s Crossing. This area of Chinchilla is perfect for picnics or a weekend getaway camping out under the stars. The great outdoors have never looked better! 


What’s on in Chinchilla

Find a range of activities and attractions in Chinchilla. There’s always something for the whole family to enjoy in this charming town – so what will you choose to do today!?

3rd Sunday of every month
Chinchilla Markets
from 7am til noon in the park outside the Chinchilla Information Centre on the Warrego Highway.

15-17 February 2019

Melon Festival

2 March 2019

Chinchilla Races

13 April 2019

Chinchilla Races

27 April 2019

Big Skies

27 July 2019

Opera at Jimbour 

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