Chinchilla is more than a convenient place for a stop-over on your way out west! There are a lot of fun and interesting things to do in Chinchilla that will keep you busy for as long as you want to stay. Here are our picks for fun day activities to do while you’re in this gorgeous area!

1. Experience the Melon Fest

Chinchilla is known in many circles as the melon capital of Australia thanks to its large watermelon production. That’s why the Melon Festival is held here every second year in February. If you’re lucky enough to be passing through while the Melon Festival is on, you can expect to discover a cheery atmosphere as the entire town takes part in the festivities. Don’t miss the Melon Games, where participants engage in a variety of competitions that involve melons, the melon farm tour, the watermelon weigh-in or the melon rodeo. Get in the spirit with melon-coloured clothes available from stalls! This is a massive event, so be sure to book accommodation well in advance to make sure you get a bed.

2. Check out the museum

The Chinchilla Historical Museum has it all: farm machinery, old-style transport, an old school room, social and cultural historical artefacts from the area and local gemstones. The most interesting part of the tour, perhaps, is the incredibly knowledgeable staff. If you have questions about local history, these are the people to ask! You’ll walk out with an understanding of this great town’s past and how it’s grown to be a bustling hub in South East Queensland.  

3. Go fishing

Pack your rod and tackle and head south a short way (5-10 minutes on the Chinchilla-Tara road), and you will find yourself at the Condamine River. If you’re lucky, you can hope to catch yellowbelly and Murray cod in this part of the river. Don’t be afraid to ask the locals for the best spots, either!

4. Take a hike

After a day on the road, it’s always nice to stretch your legs with a leisurely stroll. Head along Heeney Street and pop into the White Gums Regional Gallery to catch the latest exhibition, meander on down to Middle Street, or begin on Bell Street at one of the delicious coffee shops for a caffeine hit.  

5. Get out on the water

If you have the right equipment, there are certain spots along the Condamine River where you can enjoy water sports. Head to the nearby Condamine Riverfront, or pack a picnic lunch and go a bit further afield to Archer’s Crossing if you’re keen to make a day of it.

Chinchilla really does have all the ingredients for a perfect weekend away, no matter what your interests are! Have you been to Chinchilla? What was the highlight of your trip?

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