With so many different accommodation options available to the modern day traveller, we thought we should look at what makes a great hotel room. Regardless if you are a business traveller or travelling with a family on holiday, it is necessary for hotels and motels to have extra amenities to cater to their guests.

Fast, Free Wifi

With most people know owning a smartphone, everyone loves to get free WIFI. So it is always an added bonus when it comes free with your room, and in the common areas. It is even better when the hotel uses excellent quality broadbrand that can cater to every guest using it at once and it not slowly down.

A Proper Desk and Quality Chair

Most hotel rooms have something, which passes for a desk, and the chairs often aren’t that comfy either. A great hotel room should have a desk that is suitable for a laptop, a top surface where the mouse will work (not glass) and enough space to put your files. Plus, a comfy chair at the right height for the desk!

Windows That Open

Fresh air is important. Take a shower and the whole room can feel wet from the steam if you can’t open up a window. Or when you just don’t want the air-conditioning on, it’s nice to let the breeze in. In the best rooms you can open a door to the patio to maximize the amount of air flow.

Free in-room refrigerator 

Minibars don't count. It's nice to have a place to chill water bottles for the next day, or place groceries for a later meal. For families travelling with infants, or people who need refrigerated medications, the fridge moves up to the "essential" list. It’s even better when there is a kitchenette with a microwave and some cooking (and eating) utensils.

High-definition televisions

At the end of the day you want to catch the news or your favourite television show, and it always better on a high-def TV or LCD. It is always a bonus if it’s get free Foxtel and smart cabling for data devices.

The bed

A comfortable bed is absolutely essential, seeing as you only really need a hotel room for two things, showering and sleeping. It really doesn’t matter what else is in the room, as long as the bed is one that can enable a great night sleep.  It is even better if the mattresses are 5-star pillow-top ones like at Kings Park Accommodation.

Everyone has their own personal list of things they look for in a hotel room. What are the things you look for? What’s the coolest gadget, or little treat you’ve found in a hotel room? We would love to hear them, so share in the comments below.