When we go on holidays we want it to go as smoothly as possible and want to be able to fit everything comfortably in a suitcase. This is sometimes easier said than done! That’s why the staff at Kings Park Accommodation have compiled a list of stress-free packing tips and tricks to remember.

1) Buy a lightweight suitcase

Don't assume that buying an expensive suitcase will get you an upgrade. Go for a lightweight option, and remember if you're using a hardshell suitcase, this can add up to 4 kilos of weight before you've even started packing.

2) Take spare ziplock bags and use them to separate different groups of items

Phone charger, camera charger, adapters, headphones - we all have so many wires and gadgets that are easily lost in a suitcase. To prevent this problem, ziplock bags are the answer. Pack spare ones for liquids, things for the journey home (house keys, parking ticket, and car keys), medication and other loose accessories.

3) Pack holiday essentials.

Ziplock bags are also handy to pack the following essentials (they won't take up much room and they could save the day): sticky tape, string, sewing kit, cable ties, spare luggage tags, padlocks, safety pins, pens, tissues, small sheet of bubble wrap (in case you buy any delicates), ear plugs, universal bath plug, pencil sharpener, mini LED torch, tweezers, mini scissors, mini calculator (ideal for bartering).

4) Roll clothes

Don't arrive at your holiday destination and be faced with a pile of ironing. To save space and stop creasing, roll your clothes instead of folding them, then place them in vacuum compression bags.

5) Use cling-film and tape to prevent liquid leaks

We've all suffered from the disastrous liquid leak in our luggage when we arrive at our destination. To prevent this, take the lids off liquid bottles and add a layer of cling-film. Then when you put the lid on, use clear tape to seal the gap where the lid joins the container. Now you can travel without the worry of any spills.

6) Put scented draw liners/fabric conditioner sheets/a small bag of pot pourri in your suitcase to keep everything fresh

It's important to keep your clothes smelling fresh, especially if you're on a long trip.

7) Make use of 'empty' spaces such as shoes

When it comes to packing, you need to make use of every little space you can. Roll tops/underwear/socks and other small items and stuff them into your shoes to make sure every possible space is filled.

8) Photocopy pages of your guidebook or take your e-book reader

Rather than bringing heavy books - just photocopy the essential pages that you need. It'll save space and reduce weight. Or - if you have an e-book reader, just download the book instead.

Everyone has their own personal list of things they never leave home without. What are the things you pack? What’s a cool trick you can tell us? The Kings Park Accommodation staff would love to hear them, so share in the comments below.