The flowers are blooming, the weather is warming and the school holidays are just around the corner. If you are hitting the road this spring we can arm you with entertainment ideas, survival strategies, and practical advice to help you plan so getting there really is half the fun.

Road Trips: Packing

Long road trips with kids aren't always fun but they are doable, and at times even enjoyable. Some things to pack in the car:

  • Pack one small bag that contains clothes for the next day, an extra change of clothes (for spills), PJs, a toothbrush, and anything else you need for that day and night. It will be much easier than going through the big suitcase. 
  • If you are travelling with small kids, take their comforter, blanket and/or pillow. This is really important if your road trip includes an overnight stay. Kids like their own stuff, particularly at bedtime in a strange place. The pillow comes in handy for when the kids want to take a nap in the car.
  • Kids, but especially babies and toddlers drop, spill, and spit up. Keep a roll of paper towels and a box of wipes in the front seat for easy cleanups. Keep a plastic bag handy too.

Road Trips: Surviving the Ride

  • Pick the best time to drive. This can be tricky as it depends on so many factors like how long you plan to drive for and how old your children are. You also need to consider which direction you are driving to factor in the sun rising and setting as this is a safety issue.
  • Snack, snacks and more snacks. Pack healthy snacks that the kids will want to eat and a few little treats. You don't want them to have a sugar high in the back seat! 
  • Beat the boredom. Load some kid favorites onto your iPod or take some of your child's CDs. Portable DVD players can be a lifesaver, too. New DVDs they haven't seen are a bonus. Kids often have a hard time with headphones, though, so make sure they're comfortable before you go, and have at least one backup pair.

Road Trips: Making Stops

  • Build in extra time. You know how hard it is getting out the door in the morning with a baby? The same laws of nature apply to trips in the car. You'll have to stop for feedings, diaper changes, and stretching breaks. You'll be much less stressed if you accept that it may take twice as long to get there as it did in your pre-kid days and plan accordingly.
  • Stop often -- for little and big breaks. Yes, you want to get there, but letting your kids burn off some steam will make the time in the car more bearable. 
  • Be aware that 20 minutes after your longish lunch stop, your toddler will need to stop again for a bathroom break.

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