Fossicking is an ideal activity for families. You get to spend time together out in the open air and everyone can take part, you can even take the family dog. You can turn your day into a treasure hunt where the kids will love the digging, searching for their own piece of treasure, and stopping to have a picnic on site.

Chinchilla is a fascinating place to start your family fossicking adventure! First stop is a visit to the Chinchilla Tourist and Visitor Centre where you can get all the information you need, and if you don’t already have a fossicking license you can purchase one there. You will also need to purchase admission to the site you want to visit. Tickets are $5 per person per site.

The petrified wood in Chinchilla dates back to the Jurassic period (140-180 million years ago). Petrified wood occurs when the trees are covered by massive amounts of volcanic ash and buried in a lava or a mud flow.

There are two privately owned properties – Gaske and Bell – where you can fossick but you do need a QLD fossickers license and your admission ticket. You will also need to bring your own equipment.

Chinchilla petrified wood is world renowned for its colour and hardness – you can also see some beautiful products created from local wood at the visitor centre. You can also buy pieces of petrified wood in the shop if you have no luck at the fossicking site.

So bring the family and stay with us at Kings Park Accommodation for your fossicking weekend. We have special fossicking rates, so give us a call today.