Campdrafting is a uniquely Australian horse sport that puts the skills of both horse and rider to the test, and is a great test of how good a cattleman you truly are. Campdrafting involves two main stages firstly "The Camp" or cutout yard where the rider selects his beast, separates it from a mob and works it, and "The Course" or arena, where the rider guides his beast in a pattern. Campdrafts are judged by a single judge on horseback. 

Before you even think about beginning to campdraft, you need to ensure that both you and your horse are up to the job. 

Riders need to be very competent and confident and should have some experience working cattle. A horse will preferably have had experience working cattle. Horses should have the ability to turn on their back legs, stop and start quickly similarly to a cutting horse. Indeed, many cutting horses, or, more commonly cutting bred horses, often make fine campdrafters, providing they have the speed to keep up with a beast in the arena. The most common breed used for campdrafting is the Australian Stock horse, closely followed by the Quarter horse, however almost any smart horse with a bit of cattle sense can make a campdrafter.

Practice, visit a campdraft, talk to some experts.

You and your horse need to practice, practice and practice before you enter your first competition. Be a spectator at local Campdrafts and watch what they do and take some notes. Ask to speak with the winners on the day, and get their winning advice and tips. Watch You Tube clips when you can't get out on your horse.

Go to a small campdraft first. 

So, you're all set, you've got an idea what to do and you're at your first draft. It's probably best if you go to a small local one for your first time. The competitors will tend to be more friendly and it is a lot more fun, even if the cattle are often more difficult.

The perfect event for your first Campdraft is the Landmark Chinchilla Encouragement Draft & The Big Show Camp Horse Challenge.

This campdraft is run by the Chinchilla A & P Association Campdraft Committee for the purpose of giving young riders, maiden horses and new competitors the opportunity and the experience of competing at a Campdraft.

This year's event will be held on Saturday 3 rd & Sunday 4th March 2018

For more details on this event and registration information visit their facebook page

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